President Museveni requested by NSSF savers to urgently re-interest himself in the Wrangles at the Fund

A number of workers who save with NSSF have called upon the President of Uganda to personally and urgently re- pick interest in National Social Security Fund(NSSF) saga before the fund is drained by a mafia.

Our spy and intelligence networks received a voice note from One of the Whistle blowers and insiders, we quote:

I think it’s now absolutely and conclusively clear that the refusal to renew the contract of Mr. Richard Byarugaba, MD NSSF stems from the 6bn shillings letter the Hon. Minister of Gender, Labour & Social Development, Hon. Betty Amongi Ongom wrote to the chairman Board of Directors, Mr. Peter Kimbowa requesting for part of the operational funds of the fund to which both the chairman and Managing Director(MD) objected.

She then thought to satisfy her greed, she needed to push out the Managing Director (MD) and promote the Deputy MD, Mr. Patrick to Ag. MD so that she would get the money.

It’s important to note and emphasize that the Board of NSSF never approved the 6bn shillings.

After Byarugaba left, the Hon. Minister engaged the Deputy Managing Director to unlawfully smuggle the 6bn shillings into the budget.

This is now the issue that has led to concern among the members of NSSF.

Also on 14th December, 2022, Hon. Sam Lyomoki wrote a letter requesting for 1bn shillings, this time to the Ag. MD, Mr. Patrick Ayota. According to his letter, 400M shillings was already approved though 100M shillings was initially given. He sought for the balance 300M shillings but requested 600M shillings additional to be included in the budget.

I think Byarugaba’s leaving was thoroughly utilized by the Hon. Minister Betty Amongi to do what ever she had planned at the fund.

The above shows how shrewd Hon. Min. Betty Amongi, Deputy MD, Mr. Patrick Ayota and Hon. Sam Lyomoki are and their malice afore thought to crush the fund.

I can therefore comfortably conclude that the trio are a problem at NSSF and should immediately leave.

It is dangerous to mix politics in the workers’ fund.

We appeal to President Museveni to urgently re-interest himself in NSSF saga to save our money as workers and savers.
Tanbull256 is investigating further and will bring in more details including the latter’s that exchanged hands.

Watch this space

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