Try your March to Parliament Madness somewhere else, not in Uganda! President Museveni warns schemers!

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni has issued a stern warning to Ugandans planning a march to Parliament on July 23rd.

In a heated address, Museveni condemned the organizers, labeling their plans a significant miscalculation.

He emphasized that such actions would not be tolerated in a country governed by the National Resistance Army (NRA), which he leads.

Museveni’s message was clear and uncompromising: those who choose to participate in the march will do so at their own peril. “Proceed at your own risk, whoever you are,” he warned, underscoring his government’s zero-tolerance policy towards what he views as attempts to destabilize the nation.

The planned march is likely a response to growing dissatisfaction with the government, but Museveni’s strong stance indicates that any form of protest will be met with strict repercussions.

His warning serves as a reminder of the firm grip his administration maintains over Uganda, particularly in times of political unrest.

As the date approaches, the tension between the government and potential protestors is palpable.

Museveni’s declaration sets the stage for a potentially volatile situation, with the international community watching closely to see how events will unfold in Uganda.

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