President Museveni assures Ugandans and European Union Parliament on continuity of Oil Pipe Line to Tanzania

By AKAMPA Tanbull

Just a few days ago the European Union Parliament made a resolution calling upon Uganda, Tanzania and partners in the EACOP pipeline to halt under disguise or call it allegations on Uganda’s human rights abuse!

The Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Rt Hon Thomas Tayebwa was the first Government leader to condemn the resolution by the European Union Parliament. President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni Tibuhaburwa, the father of East African Region and Baba wa Taifa Ya Uganda, today through his official twitter account assured Ugandans, European Union and partners that the EACOP will continue and even if TotalEnergiesEP pulls out, the project MUST continue… The tweeps from President Museveni read as follows:


The remarks of the Deputy Speaker and the Attorney General in one of the dailies concerning the EU Parliament and EACOP interested me in making some comments of reassurance to our people.

I want to assure you that the project shall proceed as stipulated in the contract we have with TotalEnergies and CNOOC.

We should remember that Total Energies convinced me about the Pipeline idea; if they choose to listen to the EU Parliament, we shall find someone else to work with.

Either way, we shall have our oil coming out by 2025 as planned. So, the people of Uganda should not worry.

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