President Museveni’s SPA Hajjat Hadijah Namyalo set to deliver Wealth Creation items to Youth and Women in Wakiso, She reassures Mzee’s determination in the Fight against #Corruption.

By: Akampa Tanbull

The manager of the Office of the National Chairman (ONC-Kyambogo) Hajjat Hadijah Namyalo has today held a press conference trashing all the baseless allegations of soliciting money from the beneficiaries of the Iran scholarships.

Namyalo blasted the propagandists spreading rumors with an aim of tarnishing her good image saying any one accusing her of the above should present proof instead of baseless rumors.

“Ofcourse I have been seeing all that trash of people talking carelessly about this matter of Iran, the truth is no one paid me a single coin. If there is any student saying paid ONC to get the scholarship or paid me as a person let that person go to police with proof they come and arrest me,” Namyalo noted adding;

“What I can say about this matter is that Iran gave us scholarships and this was coordinated by a one woman called Esther Nankinga. When they brought these students to me, among the things I told them I cautioned them not to pay any single coin to any person. So if you know you paid money go demand it now from whoever you gave it to, or go to police and report them.” 

Namyalo made it clear that what ever is done at Museveni’s Kyambogo office is clear and transparent.

“This is not my office, it’s for Museveni and what ever I do here must be in line with his interests not mine. Therefore before you tarnish my name think twice, am not poor to steal $100 from a student, am a proud farmer and my produce gives me good money so stop rumor mongering things you don’t even understand,” Namyalo further stated calling upon police to wake up investigate and arrest whoever is implicated in this scandal further warning those dragging her good name into such to stop or be ready to face the law for defaming he.

Meanwhile all the above a side, Hajjat Namyalo has rallied thousands of Museveni’s bazzukulu to come in large numbers and get empowered on 27th June 2023 at Muslim Grounds-Entebbe.

Namyalo said the office has already secured empowerment tools worth millions and these will be distributed to bazzukulu regardless of their political affiliations.

“Every Ugandan is by default a Museveni muzzukulu. So we shall be empowering NUP, NRM, PLU, FDC and any on else who will come. This is about getting out of poverty not politics. This is not my money, it’s for Museveni and other big hearted stakeholders who give our economic campaigns back up so come and tap into this economic boost brought by ONC,” added Namyalo.

She said among the tools that will be donated include fishing gears since Entebbe is a fishing community, salon equipment, welding machines, g.nut crashing machines, sawing machines, chapat making machines, chips frying machines, agriculture inputs among others.

Namyalo added that renowned City Businesswoman Ms Maria Namusoke Kamoga of Honda by Markh Investments Ltd donated two motorcycles and these will be part of the equipment that will be donated to the youths of Wakiso at Entebbe empowerment initiative. 

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