Museveni’s Chief Muzzukulu Uzeiye Hadijah Namyalo calls upon fellow Bazukulu to demand for accountability of Government Programmes like Emyooga Funds


AKAMPA Tanbull

The outspoken Chief Muzzukulu, SPA/Personal Assistant (PA) to National Chairman of National Resistance Movement (NRM), head of Office of National Chairman(ONC), Hajjati Hadijah Uzeiye Namyalo has today called upon all Bazukulu and NRM Cadres from all the Divisions of Kampala Capital City to wake up and start demanding for accountability of the Emyooga, Parish Development Model (PDM) money if they are to fight poverty in their homes especially in Kampala residents, more so those who dwell in the ghettos of the Capital City.

Hajjati Hadijah further called upon all the Bazzukulu Ba Museveni in Kampala and all over Uganda not to be intimidated by mafia who is feasting on their money that President Museveni sends to help his people/Ugandans to fight poverty, improve on household incomes. She requested those who have been conned to report to President Museveni through Office of the National Chairman and promised to handle these issues case by case.

The Bazukulu were told not to be threatened by any one, even if it means deing, they would have died for the right cause of liberating Ugandans from the corrupt Government officials who are fighting President Museveni’s Government, living large on public funds while the Bazukulu are living in abject poverty.

The National Cordinator of Bazukulu further stressed that it very important for all the Bazukulu to petition Government and demand for their share of the National Cake. Government funds MUST always reach the right people, the poor so as to fight poverty than being given small tokens by these public officials who by the way drive hammers and all the other expensive cars on tax payers’ money.

When Hajjit Hadijah called upon people to speak out their concerns:

Nalongo Namitala Speaker wa Ghetto from Kisenyi said they have not benefited much from Government programmes as well their Children have not got jobs even when they have laboured to educate them and promised that they are ready to mobilize for President Museveni come 2026.

Kiiza Florence, from Banda Nakawa Division said that when they went to the Myooga office they were always asked for money, 500,000/= in order to get Emyooga funds of Shs1,000,000/=. This discouraged them from getting money from Government.

Nakawesi Jalia, from Lubaga suggested that Government should always pass the funds on their mobile telephone numbers.

Hajjati Hadijah Uzeiye Namyalo requested those who have so far benefited from Government funds to also come to ONC so as to enable accountability and follow up on how much Government has released for Ugandans.

Youth were told not to be Hoodwinked by these corrupt public servants but stand up for what is right as they mobilise for President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni Come 2026 and beyond.

The event which took place at Bat Valley Grounds attracted a number of Bazzukulu from all the Divisions of Kampala, Nakawa, Lubaga, Makindye, Kawempe, Central Division with a number of Resident City Commissioners and the Minister for Kampala Hon Minsa Kabanda was available to call upon Kampala Residents to fight Corruption but most importantly start mobilising for President Museveni as a sole Presidential Candidate come 2026 and beyond.



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