Security wise, Music concerts are more organized than NUP rallies- President Museveni Speaks out…

President Museveni has dismissed claims made by National Unity Platform’s president Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine that it is double standards for security to allow music concerts to go on but block NUP rallies

Bobi Wine made the comments after the successful musical battle between Sheebah Karungi and Cinderella Sanyu aka Cindy noting that security and government are being unfair.

“Very importantly, I hope we can all see that the fake bomb scare was a creation of the panicky regime to block our activities,” he stated.

Kyagulanyi expressed hope that the police would not claim that terrorists only appear during NUP tours while other gatherings continue without incident.

He insisted that the police have no right to grant or deny permission for public assemblies.

However responding to the claims, president Museveni told off Bobi Wine that there is nothing like double standards but rather an issue of recklessness and indiscipline on the side of Bobi Wine and his NUP supporters.

“Then Labisa says that Bobi Wine’s rallies are being stopped while concerts are allowed in spite of the threat of terrorist bombs. This is an issue of discipline,” Museveni said on social media.

“The concerts are prepared, the areas cordoned off, people entering the venue go through checks, etc. Bobi Wine’s conduct is irresponsible, just like they increased the infection of corona through the same recklessness. That is how we lost 3,291 people. Prior to those reckless rallies, we had lost only about 300people,” he added.

Kyagulanyi last week said the NUP will continue with the second phase of their countrywide mobilization tours, despite the police directive to stop them.

“As soon as we announced our mobilization activities, they immediately started issuing those terror threats, which we believe were intended to block us from doing activities in the Kampala Metropolitan area. We were not surprised when they came up with other excuses. To obey them would be to betray and commit an offence against our people,” Bobi Wine said.

On Monday, police spokesperson, Fred Enanga dared Kyagulanyi and the National Unity Platform to defy the police directive on the mobilization tour.

“They have defiantly continued to say and show that they will proceed with the second phase of the mobilisation tours but we have to  inform them that as police we are ready to ensure anyone who defies our directive is  dealt with.As police, we have a duty to police public meetings and ensure Ugandans and visitors enjoy a safe and secure environment. We will not rest until those who want to use violence and lawlessness are brought to justice in this country,” Enanga said.

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