President Museveni’s 31 achievements as listed by Desire Muhooza, Gen Salim Saleh’s blue eyed Girl

Desire Muhooza is an influential Youth Leader in Uganda. She was a candidate for National Female Youth MP but pulled out of the race and supported Phionah Nyamutoro the NRM Flag Bearer for National Female Youth MP and she emerged the winner. She is also Gen Salim Saleh’s daughter.

Desire Muhooza is passionate on youth empowerment, Women emancipation and ensuring better service delivery. She believes the young people only lack clear headed leadership to achieve their goals and benefit from the many available Government programs. Desire as passionately engaged people especially youth and women to be able to benefit from the the peace ushered in by president Museveni. She has on many occasions stated that president Museveni is a peace icon and God sent who we must utilize to build a better nation with prosperous and harmonious people. Here are the 31 Achievements of President Museveni as listed by Ms Desire Muhooza. In 1982 President Museveni waged a protracted Liberation Struggle which culminated into Liberation of Uganda from Tyrannical Regimes on 26th January 1986. Thanks to the fighters of the National Resistance Army (NRA). President Museveni helped to establish a strong foundation to achieve total transformation of Uganda. The period from 1962-1985 had erased the rule of law and constitutionalism in Uganda. President Museveni has been able to restore the rule of law and constitutionalism in Uganda. President Museveni has been able to maintain total peace and stability throughout Uganda and he has been working for total annihilation of all subversive groups which can hinder total transformation of Uganda. The New Durable Constitution for Uganda. President Museveni organized and mobilized the people of Uganda who elected the Constituency Assembly Delegates (CA) who promulgated the Constitution of Uganda and came into force in 1995. President Museveni spearheaded the promulgation and enactment of the new Constitution for Uganda in 1995 which is the basis for social economic transformation of Uganda. Uganda now boasts of a durable, formidable and popular constitution. President Museveni has been successful to draw Ugandans into civilized politics more than ever before. President Museveni has been able to enfranchise all Ugandans, empowered Ugandans at all levels and he has succeeded in building a robust and vibrant grassroots based democratic culture. President Museveni as succeeded in eliminating sectarianism from Uganda Body politics and he has successfully relegated ethnicity based political association to a bygone era. President Museveni is the first Leader of Uganda to bring about a real measure of freedom of expression, freedom of association, freedom of worship, a free press and the right of political association without persecution. President Museveni restored the vote of disenfranchised people of Uganda and he has empowered the formally marginalized groups in a special way such as; the women, the youth, People with Disabilities, and the workers. All these groups are now fully represented in parliament and at all levels throughout the country. President Museveni is indeed a Uganda Peace and Development Champion. President Museveni reintroduced the “One Person, One Vote” System and reforms in the electoral process to make voting free and fair. President Museveni introduced Regular Free and Fair elections at all levels in Uganda. Presidential, Parliamentary and Local Council elections are held regularly where Ugandans freely participate and elect their own leaders. Museveni supported the introduction and implementation of photographic registers to eliminate multiple registrations and vote rigging. President Museveni supported the introduction and adoption of Affirmative Action Policy and he has been at the forefront of supporting it .He has continued to support women,youth,PWDs,workers and the elderly to participate in policy and decision making process at all levels. Affirmative Action is promoted in all organs of NRM Party and in the Government of Uganda. H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni is credited for building a National Peoples centred Army called the Uganda People’s Defense Forces (UPDF).Uganda had never had a national Army of its own. Today Uganda has a National Army as a result of the work and aspirations of H.E Yoweri kaguta Museveni. This truly explains why Ugandans in different parts of Uganda voted Museveni to be declared a Ugandan Peace and Development Champion. President Museveni as ensured effective management of the National Security and Defense and indeed we notice improved Civil-Military relations since 1986 when NRA Captured State Power.

President Yoweri Museveni directed Ministry of Defense to pursue the pre-financing option for construction of the 30,000 houses for Officers and Men of UPDF. In pursuit of Strengthening Internal and External Security, President Museveni directed the pre-financing option for construction of Internal Security Organization (ISO) and External Security Organization (ESO). Headquarters. President Museveni directed ministry of Defense and Veterans Affairs to Organize Veterans to benefit from Operation Wealth creation and to engage in income generating activities as Government approved payment of the shs 536bn pension and gratuity arrears. President Museveni directed the Construction of the National Military Referral Hospital (NMRH) in a phased manner.Construction works of a 250-bed Military Referral Hospital at lower Mbuya is ongoing. The OPD, Main theatre/maternity and Intensive Care Unit (ICU) first floors are being   cast.  Foundations of the main Laboratory, Pharmacy, emergency, radiology blocks and Officers ward foundation have been completed. Generally, progress is at 50%. The Military Referral Hospital include specialized units of   Heart and Cancer Treatment Units. President Museveni as spearheaded the campaign for the construction of barracks to provide a conducive and habitable living environment for the personnel’s as part of the welfare improvement programme in the UPDF and UPF. Temporary structures in barracks are gradually being replaced with permanent ones. This includes developing and rehabilitating other welfare facilities such as health, education and sports infrastructure in every barracks in Uganda. This has helped improve the living conditions of soldiers and their families. Consequently, the morale of soldiers to serve has been enhanced over time. President Museveni directed and supported the Provision of Housing accommodation to the men in Uniform of the Uganda Peoples Defense Forces and Uganda Police. The Ministry of defense henceforth embarked on a 30,000 housing project to address the issue of provision of housing accommodation. President Museveni directed to Move the Air force from Entebbe to Nakasongola as part of the effort to build a national and modern Air force capable of defending Uganda at any time. Thanks President Museveni for the guidance to Secure and undertake major repairs at Nakasongola Airbase runway. The runway is now operational with flights of Sukhoi and other light Air crafts, Two (2) hangars at Nakasongola were constructed and 01 is undergoing construction, Constructed aircraft maintenance workshops, Posted 60 ground support staff, Constructed and renovated 02 blocks of flats for Air force staff, Installed and commissioned Air Defence Radars. President Museveni as supported all progressive initiatives in UPDF to ensure that the force keep pace with global trends in science, technology and innovation. Therefore the Defence Research, Science and Technology Centre (DRSTC) at Lugazi and the Avionics Research Centre at Nakasongola are being developed into centres of excellence for collaborative research with the private sector, universities and other agencies from within Uganda and abroad. UPDF has continued to undertake Research and Development at Lugazi, Nakasongola (NEC) and under Technical Information and Services Unit (TISU). The President strengthened The Internal and External Security of the Uganda by enhancing information collection and analysis capabilities. He guided to institute measures including advanced detection techniques and appropriate technologies to deter and curtail terrorists and other hostile activities against the Uganda. In the endeavor to create and maintain a secure, peaceful and stable environment, the sector has continuously engaged in a number of activities to curtail security threats. The security forces have therefore continued to enhance the capability and capacity of intelligence through efficient information collection measures. As a result, pre-emptive actions against terrorism, insurgencies and other forms of organized crime as well as Espionage were undertaken. President Museveni directed and supported the establishment of the Directorate of Veteran Affairs to specifically handle matters of Veteran Affairs. Administratively, matters of veterans have since shifted from the Office of the Prime Minister to the Ministry of Defence and Veteran Affairs. The process of resettlement of arrears is ongoing. Verification process of the beneficiaries is ongoing to ascertain the actual beneficiaries. 10,000 files are ready for payment. The Ministry is engaging MoFPED for extra funding. Thanks to President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni. President Museveni directed the Ministry of Defense and Veterans Affairs to create income generating projects for soldiers’ spouses. The Ministry established agricultural and cottage industries to benefit a wider range of spouses. The activities include- weaving of sweaters, soap making, apiary, G.nut paste making, crafts making, baking and nursery coffee gardens. The Ministry has continued to invest in skills development to empower spouses for economic self-reliance to increase household incomes. Village Savings and Loans associations have been formed among different Spouses groups in Barracks to provide soft loans for income generating activities. Under the command of President Museveni, the defense sector has focused on Human Capital Development consistently through enlistment,      focusing on career           development and deploying of officers        and    militants in           operational and non-  operational areas. A number of         troops have been recruited over years to           augment     the UPDF and       enhance capability in terms of numbers. With the command of H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, The ministry of Defense has continued to professionalize and    modernize the defense and security forces. This has been done   through      acquiring, refurbishing and maintaining equipment for           land, air and         water. This has enhanced the security forces’      capability    to           respond to threats on time. Classified expenditure has continued as priority on           MoDVA’s budget. Consequently UPDF capacity and capability have           continued to grow and meets the current needs to sustain Peace and        security. President Museveni has promoted continuous Training and Retraining of officers and    militants of the UGANDA People’s Defense Forces (UPDF) and therefore The Ministry of defense is under strict presidential directives to train and retrain      the Force in      relevant courses for skills development and          knowledge acquisition. This has been geared towards      professionalizing and modernizing the army in addition to           making the UPDF thrive at the national, regional and global stage.Trainings have been undertaken both locally and     internationally with joint exercises to test readiness for peace     support operations and improve regional response in dealing           with global and national security threats over the years. President Museveni has been at the front of Promoting production for wealth creation and self-sustainability and this concept has been actualized by the UPDF and Ministry of Defense. The Ministry of Defense has been engaging in production activities under National Enterprise Corporation (NEC). NEC has a number of subsidiaries including    NEC Katonga farm, NEC Tractors, Luweero Industries, NEC Construction, Works and Engineering Ltd, NEC Hire Tractor scheme and NEC Uzima. All these have been established over a period of time since 2016. Intelligence and Counter Intelligence. President Museveni is credited for creating and maintaining a secure,       peaceful and stable environment and the Government through Ministry of Defense has continuously engaged          in a number of activities to curtail security threats. The security forces in ISO, ESO and CMI    have therefore continued to enhance the capability and capacity of      intelligence through efficient information collection measures. As a result, pre-emptive actions against terrorism, insurgencies and other forms of organized crime as well as Espionage were undertaken. Iam committed now to organising people especially youth and women for development-Desire Muhooza stated.

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