There is a lot of “Kawukumi” in Uganda Police- Afande Sam Omara

Afande Sam Omara, the former Assistant Commissioner of Police? Okay, Sam Omara was a battle-hardened Afande who played a pivotal role in quelling opposition leader Dr. Kizza Besigye’s walk-to-work protests in 2011.

Afande has once again decided to come out of his quiet retirement and hold a press conference where he claims that his life is in danger.

Keeping details of why his life is in danger close to his chest, Omara says there is ‘Kawukumi’ in the police. He accuses the force he was part of conniving with criminals. He wants the IGP to take action.

Omara adds that he couldn’t talk about corruption and ‘kawukumi’ when he was in the force because the laws could not allow him to do so.

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