No more building in Wetlands- KCCA gets strict on Presidential directive

By Aine Nebert.

The rain season has made some places worse with floods all over the Country, in the same measure Kampala Capital City has not been spared!
With flooding in some areas with in the Kampala metropolitan.
Queens Way(Clock tower has not been spared given the fact that there are construction works taking place, Lugogo- Forest Mall, Luzira- Bugolobi road(Meat Packers), Nalukolongo among others.

Partly these flooding areas have poor dispose of garbage by the residents which should be stopped hence forth, KCCA enforcement will not allow this vice to continue even when efforts are being made to clear this garbage from the trenches and water channels. Kampala residents should dispose their garbage in only gazetted areas.

The second concern is about people who build in wetlands.

The Presidential directive prohibits any citizens of Uganda from constructing a structure in a wetland or water catchment areas, this directive also applies to Kampala residents, KCCA will not condone this act and will not issue any permission to any one building in these water catchment areas(wetlands), any such action is illegal and will lead to fines or even the law taking its course with heavy punishment to culprits.

KCCA’s physical planning Committee and building Committee are very strict on this issue.
Reads the media statement from KCCA’s Executive Director, M/S Dorothy Kisake.

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