JjajaTovaKuMain2026 by ONC receives a massive welcome in most Higher Learning Institutions in Uganda

Uganda has the second youngest population in the world with 50.3% of the 45 m people below 15 years. The population of Bazzukulu in universities is 110,000 students and are potential contributors to the national economy.

The office of the National Chairperson Coordinator for Sebei Sub-Region Ms.Sande Julius Toto over the weekend joined the Bazzukulu at Kampala International University to celebrate the cultural heritage of Uganda, where students demonstrate arts representing their cultural background.

It is should be noted that, the NRM free education programs of UPE and USE have highly contributed to enable youth access education which a United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 4, and Sebei Sub-Region ; Kween Kapchorwa Bwoko districts are priority beneficiaries. Education has also highly contributed towards the ending the female genital mutilation practices within the Sub Region

Ms. Sande Juliet Toto in her remarks informed the audience that, HE YK Museveni though the Chief Muzzukulu and Head ONC SPA/Political Affairs Hajjat Hadijah Namyalo, directed the mobilization of all Bazzukulu across the country to participate in the national growth and development agenda/NDP III to collectively transit Uganda into a money economy. She emphasized the opportunity of the PDM, Youth Livelihood Fund, Uganda Development Bank and etc funding avenues to boost youth led start Ups to create jobs and wealth.

The ONC is focused at a political economic mobilization agenda to implement the resourceful Musevenomics model, National Development Plan III and NRM Manifesto 2021-26, geared towards creating a self sustaining Uganda economically while focusing at Regional and Pan-Africanism agenda.

Reported by; ONC- Media Desk.

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