Rubaga Division: ONC coordinators (Bazuukulu Ba Museveni) expose extortion in the supply of Govt Gas Cylinders

ONC media

The Government of Uganda entered a Public – Private Partnership with Gas suppliers like Stabex, and Shell gas companies to give City dwellers incentified Gas Cylinders and plates to use in a bid to promote clean energy use, especially in Kampala’s Capital City.

The official MoU between Government says that Ugandans with national Identify cards qualify to get one gas cylinder set per home in the City at a simple refilling fee of between 100,000/= One Hundred Thousand Shillings to 125,000/= One Hundred Twenty-Five Thousand Shillings only from Stabex and Shell specific outlets.

At first, the supply was to be done by Stabex Gas, the challenge is/ was that Stabex could not cover the entire Capital City or even the entire Country then Shell came into the picture.

However today Wednesday 1st March 2023, Nakulabye outlet started selling these Government cylinders at a higher cost of between 150,000/= One Hundred Fifty Thousand Shillings to 180,000/= One Hundred Eighty Thousand Shillings! This price is so exploitative to the poor vulnerable residents of Kiwunya Zone, It was ordered with cash and people who had more money were taking away more than one gas cylinder while the residents of Nakulabye were denied a chance to own just one set.

It is from here that one of the Bazuukulu Ba Museveni coordinators (Whose name we choose to withhold) rang the Police and Resident City Commissioner (RCC) of Rubaga Division- Mr Anderson Burora who responded quickly, and found people stuck outside the Gas Ware House as boda bodas and lorries were ferrying these gas cylinders to unknown other places outside Rubaga Division.

Two suspects who were found collecting money were arrested and handed over to Nakulabye Police Station as investigations continue.

We will be following up on this case in the due course but we would like to inform Kampala Capital City dwellers not to allow to be cheated by greedy businessmen and Women.

The government Gas Cylinder set does not cost more than 120,000/=, in any case, it is supposed to be bought at only 100,000/= One Hundred Thousand Shillings Only.

We call upon Ugandans to be more vigilant and fight Corruption heads.

Report all corruption tendencies to different authorities as we build a better Uganda.


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