Constitutional Court to make a decision on the Anti Homosexuality Law 2023.

By: Apio Rebecah

Today the Uganda Constitutional Court has sat to hear the case in which some Ugandans petitioned to have the Anti Homosexuality Law 2023 repealed.

The Attorney General was represented by Counsel Mwambutsya Martin and the petitioners included Lead Counsel Hon Fox Odoi, Counsel Nicolas Opiyo, Dr Frank Mugisha, Counsel Robert Rutaro, Dr Kabumba Businge among others.

Counsel Nicolas Opiyo said that the judgement by this court will make us know whether we still have a Constitution that protects and respects rights of all Ugandans.

Since court has concluded it’s hearing, we want to know whether Uganda’s constitution segregates Human beings or holds human rights and freedoms fundamental said Counsel Robert Rutaro.

Dr. Frank Mugisha: Says that the law promotes violence on humanity and therefore the prayer to the Constitutional Court is that this law be crashed.

The court amicus curiae include UNAIDs, Global Human Rights, Joseph Kyazze, Begumya Rushongoza among others.

Some of the citizens like Mr Abdul Lubega, Aine Nebert, Rachael Namuli…who talked to our reporter say that the economy is already affected, poverty has increased in the Country because of Capital flight and many investors are shunning to bring their money to Uganda. They appeal to court to repeal this Law.

Court has agreed to the request of the petitioners and respondents to provide more submissions by end of business, Wednesday 20th December 2023 and it is from there that all the submissions have been adopted by court and make the final decision by notice.
However no specific dates have been given on when the Court’s decision or notice will be made.

Our reporters will keep you posted on as far as this case is concerned.

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