Mbarara City tops the list of public land grabbing Bonanza, City residents want to meet President Museveni

By: Tanbull256 Investigations team.

Well, our team of investigators have discovered alarming facts on public land with in almost all Districts that got City status.

The status quo is that most if not all the Districts that were given City status by Government are all involved in different types of Corruption including selling Jobs to the highest bidder, reason why most of the City or District Service Commissions have been halted others are so much involved in public land grabbing bonanza where by District, City political leadership including Members of Parliament, connive with business men to divide Government land amongst themselves.

The lands are divided into plots, some sell these plots and others have constructed commercial houses.

In some cases like for Mbarara City, elders and a few patriotic leaders have petitioned different offices including State House, Ministry of Lands but not much has been done.

Even when Hon Dr Sam Mayanja- State Minister of lands forwarded the petition to Brig Gen Henry Isoke, Head of State House Anti- Corruption Unit on March 1st 2023, nothing has been done.

The petitioners are concerned and now contemplating on meeting President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni Tibuhaburwa since all other government agencies and institutions seem to be involved in this land grabbing Bonanza, says one of the petitioners Mzee Nabimanya Abel and the rest seem to be in agreement.
They say, they want President Museveni to intervene and put a stop to this vice that seems to be spreading across the Country.

Our team landed on a letter written by Minister Mayanja to Brig Henry Isoke, it reads in parts.

Grabbing of Land in Mbarara City North Division.

This office has been petitioned by elders and leaders of the above captioned areas who allege that the rate at which Government is losing land is alarming.

Hundreds of hectares of Government land have been encroached on by the public, politicians and Government officials among others.

The letter further states some of the lands grabbed, which includes: (i.) Biharwe former Division Headquarters
(ii.) Biharwe East Playgrounds and weekly market
(III.) Kanyaryeru composite land in Rwendama Cell
(iV.) Nyakinengo water booster located in Kibwera Cell among others.

The letter from the Minister of lands was copied to Permanent Secretary- Ministry of Lands, Resident City Commissioner (RCC) Mbarara City, City Clerk, Chairperson Mbarara land Board, the petitioners who include Mzee Nabimanya Abel, Ruhinda Deo, Mugume Benon and others alleged that envelopes exchanged hands and that all institutions have all been compromised about this matter. Reason, no one is talking about this land saga or doing something, reason they are now determined and looking forward to meeting President Museveni soon.

We will further contact the concerned offices and give you their feedback but still any one with information/feedback regarding Public land grabbing can contact us by email: or call: 0784 662424.

In our next investigative write up, we will give you status on Masaka City, Gulu City, Kabala City, Arua City, Jinja City, Fortportal City among others

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