War erupts between Balam Barugahare and Kash Kaguta over “Friends of MK” cash

Just a few days after Lt Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba’s birthday Kasiki from Ishaka that was organized by the events guru Balam Barugahare, and another Kasiki organized at Lugogo Cricket Oval by MK’s Uncle Mr Toyota, then to dinner at State House Entebbe. Balam was fully in the Ishaka Bushenyi Kasiki which he had organized, then attended dinner at State House but his appetite for money has increased beyond human control thus he has made sure that he schemes and hijacks Friends of MK to organize a match between army Generals and Members of Parliament. This has left a one, Mr Kash Kaguta to cry endless tears all over social media telling Balam to cut the crap and stop using *Friends of MK* because he is not the founder and neither is he a member of the club.Mr Kash, used his tweeter account (@KashugiK) to bash Balam Barugahare and to tell him to find other ways to make money than using Friends of MK. We are told that Mr Kash is the founder of the Friends of MK controversial name that Balam Barugahare has so far hijacked! 
Our spies have informed tanbull256 that Mr Kash is having sleepless nights again after investing a lot of time, energy and other resources to build a name, Friends of MK then  Balam Barugahare comes and takes it away just like that and gets a lot of money from Lt Gen Muboozi Kainerugaba, while Mr Kash is left broke on the streets of Kampala!
By the time we published this information, Balam was not picking his phone calls and neither was Kash Kaguta replying to our messages. 
Mr Kash further accuses Balam of using the name Friends of MK to solicit for money from Lt Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba and his friends. The money that he has collected is so far in billions and billions of shillings and no any accountability has been given. Balam is an impersonating to be Chairman/founder of “Friends of MK’ and that the public is warned dealing with him.
We will get you posted with more information on who are the founder members of *Friends of MK* and what both Mr Balam Barugahare and Kash Kaguta think of doing about to each other to settle their money issues.
In case you have more information contact us on 0705 211273.
 tanbull256 @gmail.com

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