VP Alupo calls for calm in Karamoja

Vice President Jessica Alupo- also woman MP-Katakwi district has  appealed for calm  from locals, as government addresses the isolated pockets of armed cattle rustling.
The Vice President was speaking in Abim- Karamoja, where she launched construction works for valley dams for Karamoja sub region. She urged the Ministry of Agriculture officials to focus more on the region citing the search for water for livestock as one of the main causes of nomadic pastoralism resulting to these insecurity incidences in the region.  
“When we have valley dams established permanently, nomadic pastoralism is reduced hence cutting down on incidences of insecurity,” Alupo said.
The Vice President was addressing the audience which included Ministers of Agriculture, RDCs and district Chairpersons from Karamoja region as well as local leaders and the community from Abim.  Her remarks came as local leaders said armed rustlers were their biggest threat. Alupo assured them that peace and stability is an ingredient of development and a core value of the NRM , and she assured them of government’s commitment to defeat the cattle rustlers. ‘so please remain calm” she said adding that strategic deployments had already been made in areas which are prone to cattle rustlers and their routes.

The VP also said the people of Karamoja are peaceful people but it’s a few isolated criminal elements who should be singled out by the armed forces .She emphasized that government is doing everything possible to ensure that cattle rustling is stopped.

She also gave assurances from His Excellency Gen YKMuseveni the President of Uganda and Commander in Chief, who she said, was scheduled to visit Karamoja region in the days ahead to address the situation.


VP Press Team

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