Uganda’s Economic Progress and Youth unemployment

By: Eng. Idiri Kamuntu.

Guest Writer,

✍🏾With the country listed as least developed and with the current poverty line making up 21.4% of the more than 40 million population, the question of taking the nation from low to middle income status remains top of the agenda.

✍🏾Tackling issues of structural change, inequality, strengthening governance systems and human resources also feature prominently in the framework of the country’s development planning.

✍🏾Addressing the issue of unemployment among Ugandan youth, We need to look at challenges of unemployment not just as a livelihood issue but can also turn into a political issue if not resolved properly and timely.

✍🏾The country is facing crucial systemic barriers that limit job creation, mainly limited access to start-up or scale-up capital. Collaborative action is required by the government and development partners working with the private sector.

✍🏾Its necessary to stimulate transformative growth, improve and increase access to affordable financing for innovative and commercially viable businesses and link firm growth to creation of jobs for the youth. 

✍🏾We need to engage the private sector to come up with innovative ideas not only to create jobs for youth but also to help them find a path into entrepreneurship for self employment that leads into self reliance.

Eng.Kiiza Idiri Kamuntu
☑️The Patriot

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