The Internet almost broke loose with traffic when African Presidents were ferried in a bus to attend the memorial of Queen Elizabeth 11 of United Kingdom.

To an African who is used to seeing their leaders with Kingly convoys of vehicles and entourage even going to the saloon saw this as under looking their leaders.

The Prime Minister of Netherlands Mark Rutte on many occasions rides a bicycle on his way to work and yet Netherlands is one country that helps the budget of African countries.

The people of Denmark have more bicycles per Capita that any country in the world which means the Denes use bicycles more than Africans.

To an African Mindset, riding bicycles or in bus or train is an indicator of poverty!
Yet in the developed world it is a more convenient way of travel with added attributes of fitness and environmental benefits.

United Kingdom with smaller road lanes and streets unlike United States, china and Canada could not withstand the hype and bragaddo required by African leaders at a burial because for them its not about convenience but prestige.

An African leader can even eaT food on the street when campaigning but the moment he gets his goal, he becomes an enemy of those who elected him with walls of security to keep him away from them.

The mind set that leaders must be in convoys of security to assert their relevance is not only archaic but also antiquated.

This is likened to eating chicken and chips in African societies is like a sign of good, advanced welbeing and status yet in some advanced countries its a sign of lack of care for your body and reckless eating habits.

In US, bus travellers are accorded and given more respect because they save environment, ease gridlock and are allowed to access special lanes reserved for emergency evacuation.

Let not our ignorance blind us to a common good.
African Presidents were good to travel in buses.

Ndawula Ronald


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