KCCA’s Kisaka meets Sohota, Chair of London Assembly in #SmartCity Bid

In the exercise of his duties, the Mayor of London closely works with a group of elected leaders who constitute something called the London Assembly. This is a powerful body comprising of 25 elected leaders who hold office to ensure that all the policies and budget allocation decisions the Mayor of London makes are in public interest and no one else but the ordinary Londoners.

The Assembly exists to shield the Mayor of London and those he leads with against abusive exercise of power while serving his electors. They scrutinize the Mayor’s each and every decision.

This all-important Assembly, whose members directly derive their authority from the people, is currently headed by Dr. Sahota Onkar (as the Chairman) who KCCA Executive Director Dorothy Kisaka engaged on the sidelines of the 12th annual Uganda-UK trade convention (UCUK).

The UCUK event is held annually and the aim is to bring together public and private sector leaders to reflect on the available investment and business opportunities in Uganda which UK investors can take advantage of.

Being the Capital City’s Chief Executive, Kisaka was part of the Ugandan delegation which the President was supposed to lead only to pull out at the last minute following the Queen’s death which naturally overshadowed and took away some of the shine from this year’s Uganda-UK Trade Convention.

While at the Convention, Kisaka engaged many potential partners for KCCA and Onkar was just one of them. Kisaka told Onkar about efforts to actualize the ideals of the “Smart City” which she and other leaders want Kampala to become and at the end of the day, Onkar pledged to work towards a vibrant partnership between Kampala and London in order to amplify the realization of the Smart Capital City which Uganda seeks to have in the coming years.

Taking advantage of the large gathering of business community members who graced this year’s Trade Convention, an emboldened Kisaka explained that: “Our focus under the Smart City Campaign is the whole person. We are awakening a collective consciousness about what makes a healthy Smart City. The way we talk, act, work, trade and relate. It’s a total life focus and an environment where everyone can win.”

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