There is a selfish group trying to mislead Muhoozi, President Museveni speaks out on the 2026 question

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni clarified to the NRM members of parliament who are undergoing a 10 days retreat at the National Leadership Institute at Kyankwanzi about the Muhoozi question.

It is a norm of the NRM to take a retreat to evaluate the performance of their party in achieving the social contract expressed in the NRM manifesto 2021-2026.

Several discussions have been held so far with key topics centering on the fight against poverty with the leaders at the spearhead. President Museveni believes that leaders are very key in transforming the social-economic status of their constituencies and took the opportunity to guide them on how to achieve this goal. “You should not carry the constituency at your heads but rather lead them” – said Museveni in parts of his speech.

Yesterday the members of parliament pressed the President to clear the air about the Muhoozi question wether he is to succeed him in the next Presidential elections of 2026.

A section of NRM members of parliament led by majorly Hon. Kabanda David of Kasambye in Mubende has been at the forefront of mobilizing their colleagues on assurance of their proposed candidate Gen. Muhoozi Keinerugaba to have been allowed by his father to succeed him in 2026.

The boiling question has divided the National Resistance Movement supporters mainly the youth who are currently launching structures in different parts of the country with a message of preparation for 2026.

Despite President Museveni having avoided answering this question for a long time mainly after his State House meeting with the MK Movement group where key figures like Mr. Balaam, Hon. Kabanda David, Mr. Andrew Mwenda, and others, of which photos circulated all over social media as an affirmation of confirmed transition, yesterday he broke the silence regarding the MK project.

“You remember when Muhoozi celebrated his 48th birthday, there was some enthusiasm among some of the youth in Kampala and some of the other areas. And when I analyzed it, I would see that, because of the weaknesses of our systems, some of the frustrated youth went to that group thinking that there was hope,” stated Museveni.

Several Tweets have been shared on Gen.Muhoozi Keinerugaba Twitter account communicating an assurance to succeed his father though some are deleted a few hours after the tweeting.

The loud and clear President Museveni told the members of parliament that some disgruntled people are using Gen. Muhoozi for their selfish agenda and he the President and First Lady have engaged Gen. Muhoozi over the same confusion.

He however pointed out that the weaknesses within the National Resistance Movement are the reason for the emerging of the MK group and they should not worry that much because, at the end of the day, all of them will be one person.

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