On the Anti Homosexuality Act Ugandans should get prepared to face the worst

AKAMPA Tanbull

Well, a few days ago, the President of Uganda, H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni Tibuhaburwa signed the Anti-Homosexuality Bill 2023 into Law.
This still remains a topic of discussion with in the Public domain, including social media platforms like Twitter.
Whereas the Speaker of Parliament Rt Hon Anita Among, Hon Basalirwa and many others are being praised for their role in making sure that this bill is signed into law, there is another group with in Parliament and outside Parliament including me and some of the youth leaders under Coalition for A Better Uganda who are being abused and ridiculed for not supporting this Anti Homosexuality Bill.

Since I have been contacted by several media houses to give my view on this topic, let me use this platform to share on the two Perspectives.

Perspective 1: (Majority), They believe that LGBTIQ question is by “NURTURE” and not “NATURE” and that people who identify as LGBTIQ are externally influenced not born.

They are influenced by the Western/European Culture, material gains and that this is against values, norms, Religious beliefs that majority Ugandans hold so dearly.

And on the side of Democracy, they ask wether Uganda is an independent sovereign Country and wether her Government has the authority to legislate over issues that they feel are not “GOOD” for her people.

Perspective 2:
(Human Rights approach, Minority)
Here, the UN, United States of America (USA), UNAIDs, Hon Winnie Byanyima, European Union Countries, United Kingdom, my friend Busingye Kabumba, Hon Fox Odoi, Kabuye Steven, Mr Andrew Mwenda among others. Are saying, even if 0.001% of the population are not sexually behaving commonly like the majority of the society, they are still human beings and their rights matter. They ought to be protected as minority part of that particular society because their lives as human beings still matter.

Now if court does not repeal this law, ordinary Ugandans are likely to pay the price given the fact that most of our people have been depending on donor funds for HIV/AIDS support/care as well drugs. Meaning, HIV infections and related deaths will be on an increase.

There will be a number of Ugandans who will automatically loose jobs in most of the international organisations and agencies.
Investors and tourists will equally be affected and would shun Uganda given this Law.

Therefore the excitement for majority Ugandans will either make them work harder to go through the harsh period ahead or they will give up and turn against their leaders who seem to have used this opportunity for political capital.

Yes, it now upon Ugandans to work very hard to build industries, mechanize agriculture so as to become a food basket, put drugs in hospitals/health centres but also create jobs for the populations.

The dependency on the Western World/Europe should stop not with just words but tangible actions on grassroots.

Ugandans will not feed on morals and values, therefore it is incumbent upon themselves to tighten their belts turn the worst situations being predicted ahead into an opportunity to imerge stronger. Let me hope that not many people will not call out ” Government Etuyambe” yet Government is for the people by the people given the fact that they called for the law on LGBTIQ and it’s now out.

There should also be efforts to Sensitise the public against mob justice or homophobic tendencies on human beings who are just suspected to be identityfying as LGBTIQ because such might lead to increased violation of human rights thus worsening the situation further.

For God & My Country Uganda.
AKAMPA Tanbull

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