The Minister for Presidency, Hon. Babirye Milly Babalanda has commended the people of Greater Ankole for their continued support towards President Yoweri Museveni and the ruling party- National Resistance Movement (NRM).

“I’m glad that the people of Greater Ankole still believe in their son, their brother, a pan Africanist and a Visionary leader; Yoweri Kaguta Museveni. Ugandans and the entire world should know that Museveni is a God- sent leader to Uganda. It’s only God who knows when and how Museveni will leave power,” Hon. Babalanda said.

The Minister made the remarks on Friday 18 November, 2022 as Mbarara City NRM leaders endorsed Gen Museveni as the party’s sole candidate for the 2026 presidential elections.

She explained that leadership should not be seen so much in terms of the number of years one spends in office or one’s age, but the vision, the heart for the people and the strength of belief in unity, stability and transformation one has for the people they lead and their country.

“Every after 5 years Ugandans go to the polls but they continue to express their undivided interest in Museveni. This is not because he is the only Ugandan available for leadership; but Ugandans choose his unique character, commitment and leadership qualities,” Hon. Babalanda asserted.

“You all know where Mr. Museveni got Uganda in 1986 and where we are today. Before 1986 Museveni spent his youthful years fighting for the rule of law. Today, Ugandans have chance to defend themselves before Courts of laws and elect their leaders which did not happen in the past,”she added.

The Minister also expounded that under Museveni, Uganda’s economy has expanded in all directions and that the current challenges are not unique to the East African country since they are a global factor caused by the effects of COVID-19 since 2020 and the war between Russia and Ukraine.

“You have seen people in European Nations rising up against their leaderships and even some of the leaders resigning after failing to stand to the pressures. However, President Museveni has proved to be a resilient leader with bags of solutions to the problems of Uganda. Uganda and Africa in general have benefitted a great deal from his continued guidance and wise leadership,”Mrs Babalanda who was the Guest of Honor told residents and leaders of Mbarara City.

“Therefore, Ugandans should not be blamed when they decide early about who should lead them beyond 2026. The current global economic challenges will require stable leadership and an experienced and sober-minded leader.”

She added that Ugandans are signaling that they are still interested in seeing Museveni of the NRM party get them out of the global crisis and he needs uninterrupted opportunity to do this.

“In 2026 we shall only be fulfilling our constitutional mandate to vote but Ugandans will already have made their choice…. I wish to also add my voice to your choice of leader,” Hon. Babalanda noted, before challenging all leaders to spearhead the campaign of promoting stability, unity and transformation.

“You should remind our people about the importance of maintaining a sober-minded, tested, loyal, dependable and visionary leader in power.Remember: Stable leadership is the backbone of a transformed and developed society.”

The Mbarara City NRM Chairperson, Mr. Wilson Tumwine said they decided to endorse President Museveni as the party’s sole candidate in the 2026 general elections after realizing that he still has the capability to rule Uganda for another five years.

“We are in support of His Excellency the President to remain our sole candidate for 2026-2031 elections. With all of us here Mbarara is fully represented and we are behind Gen. Museveni,” Mr. Tumwine said.

The Mbarara City Mayor Robert Kakyebezi assured the Minister that the people he leads are in total support of President Museveni’s candidature come 2026.

“It’s because of the able leadership of Gen. Museveni that we are enjoying this peace and stability in Mbarara and the country at large so the people of Mbarara are here to say that Mzeei we still need you,” Mr. Kakyebezi stated.

“So long as President Museveni is still willing to come we shall always support him 100 per cent,” he added.

The Mayor also tasked the NRM leadership in Mbarara City to work towards uniting people, saying that they need a well organized and strong political party in the City.

On his part, the Mbarara Resident City Commissioner (RCC), Lt. Col. James Mwesigye said that despite being a Commissioner, when it comes to mobilizing for NRM, he is always willing to do so because he is a son of the revolution.

“Where NRM is, I’m always there.We should push until we produce results,” he said.

The event was also attended by among others; Mbarara City Woman MP, Hon. Atukwasa Rita Bwahika, Rwampara Woman MP, Hon. Molly Asiimwe, Mbarara district and NRM leaders.

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