Youth leaders tipped on Patriotism and tapping into Public procurement to create wealth

By AKAMPA Tanbull

Over the weekend, youth leaders, councilors, from all over the Country converged at Grand Global Hotel in Kampala for a Youth Empowerment Conference and Dinner convened by a team of passionate young entrepreneurs headed by M/S Desire Muhooza, the Farmer.

The conference has been convened under the Theme of Exchanging Ideas and Creating Opportunities for Young People”.
It attracted speakers from CSOs, Private Sector and Government agencies.

The conference equally attracted keynote Speakers including Mr Habib Sseruwagi, Commissioner at Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) who shared about the mandate of EOC and how youth can benefit from Government contracts, tenders and programmes .

Commissioner Habib, encouraged Youth to start up companies and create businesses that will in turn create wealth for them in order to build stable incomes for their families and support Uganda’s social economic Development.

Commissioner Habib Talking to the Youth

Other speakers included Mr Bisaso, the Cordinator Emyooga Central Region, encouraged youth to keep focused in order to tap into Government programs like Emyooga.

The Operation Wealth Creation (OWC)’s, Deputy Chief Cordinator, Gen Sam Kavuma encouraged youth leaders to invest their time and passion in agriculture and that OWC is already to support them.

Afande Sam Kavuma equally shared with the youth leaders on the importance of being patriotic and having an ideologically awakened consciencenes. He further called upon the youth leaders to know, understand and Love Uganda their motherland.

The Executive Director, of PPDA, Mr Benson Turamye made a presentation on youth empowerment and job creation through Public Procurement. He further informed the youth that 60% of Uganda’s national budget goes into Public Procurement, therefore it’s Paramount that youth start positioning themselves in order to tap into these funds.

Other Speakers from National Environment Management Authority (NEMA), Youth members of Parliament like Hon Agnes Kirabo shared with youth on how to create wealth as they protect the environment.

M/S Desire Muhooza told the gathering that this time, they thought of bringing youth together in constructive and productive than just coming for dinner, not to eat and go back home, but rather talk business then eating comes later.

She applauded youth leaders for turning up in huge numbers and on time and Further thanked her team members for putting in their time to see that this conference becomes a success, part of the team included Mr Hakim Kyeswa from Mukono, Mr Moses Kintu, Mr Dumba Denis from Sembabule among others.

This Youth empowerment Conference and Dinner, will be annual so as to empower youth further with right information, skills and Opportunities at every end of the year.

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