Drones Terrorize Districts of Mubende and Kasanda

By our reporter

A few days ago the Districts of Mubende, Kasanda were put under lockdown by His Excellency Yoweri Kaguta Museveni Tibuhaburwa, The President of Uganda under the executive order s so as to contain Ebola that continues to give Ugandans especially those in Mubende, Kasanda and surrounding Districts sleepless nights.

One of the area Members of Parliament Hon David Kabanda expressed dismay over how his people are being man handled by the so called drones,law enforcement officers with in the district.

Through his tweeter handle @David Kabanda he wrote: ” In Mubende, Over 1000 motorcycles have been impounded today and a raider is required to pay between 150-200k for one to be released. The Chairman LC5 has informed me that drones are also picking people and for one to survive you pay 100K” ends tweet one from Hon Kabanda.

In the second tweet: I understand @OPMUganda had a planning meeting yesterday and intends to send relief items to Mubende and Kasanda. My appeal to Govt is to allow people access their Gardens and places of work first, we welcome the aid but there is need to restrain people who have made Ebola a business.

These tweeps were made by Hon Daudi Kabanda and it seems law enforcement officers are exhorting money from residents of these two districts on top of harassing them even when President Museveni was clear that people should access their Gardens, people are being stopped from even going to their farms to get food to feed their families.
As media fraternity we condemn these acts of human rights abuse and add our voice on that of District leaders and people of Mubende and Kasanda.

Tanbull256.com will bring more investigative details on human rights abuse in Mubende and Kasanda.


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