By ; Natukunda B Innocent

I have dedicated time to discuss on various media platforms what the oil and gas pipeline we are building from kingfisher,telego to Tanga in Tz means and why it remains right for H.E Kyagulanyi to support the resolution to delay as we harmonise on the alternative route.

First of all,we are building the longest heated oil pipeline of 896 miles the world has never had before,the very first of its kind after Mangalah pipeline in India that covers 416miles only.It is going to be 2m deep but 30m wide which is an equivalent of 100ft ,reseachers have termed it as an elongated frying pan.

We are directed to extract our crude oil that is semi -solid liquid which requires 50⁰C an equivalent of 122⁰F constant heat .This is too sensitive in both human ,plant,insect and aquatic life as the heat is expected to be constant.

In other wards,the proposed route so far is a threat to Agriculture ,tourism and fisheries. I should also take mention of the force on the pipeline that causes the earth to tremble which has an effect similar to earth quarkes.The pipeline being so close to murchision falls just a few meters from the shores of lake Albert through George ,it is hoped that many of the 76 animal spicies in Murchision falls National park will face extinction as well as the creatures in the aquatic life.

Uganda’s record on human rights violation using state resources and consolidated funds is largely regrettable. With our just small budget of 48 trlllion ,20 trillion is lost in corruption as security takes lion share in budget allocation which security misuses the same resources to champion for brutalisation and dehumanization od mostly anti government forces,there is a worry that when our budget expands other than hurting the environment and climate also human rights violations will rise to the peak.

Due to heating that is constant and quit long ,the pipeline will be subjected to release carbon emissions sulphurous emissions which urshers us to global warming, acidic rains like what happened in ivory coast where people instantly began to die after taking rain water,developed skin diseases etc .In 2008 a claim was settled between 292614 persons of ivory coast Vs Trafigura ltd to put things right on the oil pipe line as people started to die until the world gave the natives a shoulder to defend their rights.

President Kyagulanyi is not saying we stop or we dont want oil benefits as a country now ,but is in agreement with development partners that lets delay this whole process as we discuss the alternative best route.But again how are we supposed to carry eggs and put them in a granary full of snakes?

As we talk now this project has already affected 3648 persons and only 210 are in camps.Clear information has it that if this project was to continue as it was by 2025 it will have affected negatively atleast 18000 persons.

We have also heard from some shallow analysts blaming president Kyagulanyi of writting to whites and involving them in issues of this country ,this urgement has seemingly forgotten that none of the companies is linked in to do construction of this pipeline is of ugandan origin be it Tullow,CNOOC,Total Energies ltd etc,all are foreign owned but again EU supports the Ugandan budget by 50% so Uganda cant do much without foreigners.

Most of our good tarmac roads contracts are given to Chinese, Asians,Indians,and other foreign compains as ugandan Engineers concentrate on surface dresser roads in small towns that do not require asphat binder or even much bitumen .Other Organisations that we have relied on as a country include UNAID ,UKAID,UNICEF,World Bank ,IMF etc

So its practically impossible for us to do without foreign aid even given the fact that we are already operating in deficit when it comes to balance of Trade, the value of what we export is very less than what we import.

Mr.M7 and his team will try all means to hide information from Ugandans but by all means and standards we must keep awake as Ugandans and stand for our own .

For God and my country.

Hon.Innocent Natukunda

NUP Team Leader Tooro sub region & Former Candidate for MP Mwenge North.

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