President Museveni’s Muzukulu pens down an emotional experience with in Karamoja

By Sarah Nankulonyo

Dear President Museveni Yoweri Kaguta Museveni Tibuhaburwa, We need your help.

Today 5th of April 2022, I got up as early as 5:00am and went to the station for duty at 6 to 10am.
I went home and a friend of mine Hon. Obukui Jerome of Akoboi sub county called and asked me to move with him to the Burial place of a parish chief of Katakwi sub county Mr Otworot Joel.(RIP) That was around midday!
The chairman Hon Omolo came not happy and assured people of the insecurity brought by the K- Warriors, he talked of the word ” the situation is calm” its used by security people.

He noted how Kapelebyong is very insecure inline to Karamojong warriors but said they are working closely as LC5s of the affected areas to lobby for enough deployment of soldiers to the said areas.
At 2pm, he left the venue and went with his councilors to Okulonyo sub county near where a husband of a district councilor had committed suicide and died.

The burial dint go well because the information came to the mourners that Karamojongs had crossed from Ongongoja to Okulonyo, they all disappeared and it showed the situation is bad only few people remained for that burial.
At Ongongoja secondary school, I got surprised seeing the chairman almost shading tears as over 300 heads of cattle were being brought to usuk sub county because of fear that kejongs would take.
The whole road is occupied with animals.

Omolo proceeded to Ongongoja sub county where over 400people are camping, on rain??

I predict over 500 animals will today be crossed to Usuk seeking for refuge.
People are taking off, others are being carried on tractors. Gun fire every where. Why???
Should we say we are okay?? The situation is calm??? Oh Nooooo,
My Ant is married to Ongongoja and shading tears, And other people….

H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni we need your help! We need your hand!

Sarah Nankulonyo

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