President Museveni Directs Bazzukulu under ONC to fight corruption heads on

By AKAMPA Tanbull

President Museveni has tasked the National Coordinator office of the National Resistance Movement, Kyambogo to lead the bazzukulu in campaign of fighting corruption and exposing corrupt officials in different government offices.

The President made the directive yesterday while officiating at the luncheon meeting for a team of Medical Doctors and Engineers who were sponsored by State House to study at university.

The directive followed after the senior Presidential advisor & Personal Assistant, ONC Ms Hajjat Hadijah Uzeiye Namyalo informed the President about the discontent of Bazzukulu due to the ongoing rampant corruption and unending bureaucracy in government departments which is frustrating the common people and making it hard for them to acquire basic government services.

Hajjat Namyalo has been leading a campaign to expose individuals that are stealing government funds and other resources for selfish interests.

She has been indicating that such individuals are crippling government efforts to ensure prosperity and development for all Ugandans.

According to Namyalo, whereas the government has put in place a number of programmes to ensure prosperity among citizens, there are bad-hearted officials who are using them for their selfish interests.

During the end of year prayers at Kyambogo NRM Office, Hajjat Namyalo and other religious leaders prayed to God to open the president’s eyes for him to see all the thieves who have left the bazzukulu in abject poverty.

Some of those corrupt officials mentioned yesterday are the members of the district service commissions accused of extorting from poor bazzukulu seeking for jobs at district level.

In his response, the President encouraged bazzukulu to record and report the corrupt District Service Commissioners who extort money from them in exchange for jobs.

“On District Service Commissions, the theory was that these are nearer to the people and would be concerned. If they are corrupt, get us evidence we will arrest them. Bazzukulu should now wage this war and publicize them”. Museveni directed.

Museveni also emphasized the need to grasp the prevention concept in the health sector to ensure that 75 percent of diseases are prevented in Uganda.

According to President Museveni, through public health, Medical Doctors can eliminate most of the sicknesses that affect citizens.

“These are the facts because many of those sicknesses are preventable so you as the new generation you should really get that and make it part of your DNA in terms of professional services so that you help your people when you get a chance to avoid these sicknesses; diseases of ignorance such as malaria,” President Museveni said.

“Once you adopt this prevention method most of the diseases can be avoided for example, if you sensitize the communities where you will be deployed on how to use the latrines, sleeping under treated mosquito nets and using clean water.”

President Museveni also thanked the science team for utilizing the scholarship well and finishing their studies on time.

“These scholarships started after the war in Luweero and were meant to benefit the orphans,” he revealed.

Gen. Museveni further noted that under the State House scholarship, many students have been sponsored to study from primary, secondary up to university.

“Most of the beneficiaries would be the orphans from Luweero, however we later considered science students who performed well,” the President noted.

The Head of State also called on the scientists not to only concentrate on treating people but help the communities where they come from to develop and fight poverty by sensitizing them to embrace government programs, like the Parish Development Model and the four-acre model.

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