Leadership of Parliament plots to increase Salary for each Member of Parliament in the next FY2022/2023

The following are not my words Reports from parliament indicate that the speaker Rt. Hon. Anita Among and her Deputy Thomas Tayebwa have met members of the Parliamentary commission, a top organ of the institution over highly sensitive matters. The Meeting which sat this morning at Anita’s residence in Kololo resolved that all Members of Parliament especially from the ruling NRM party are allocated a slight increment by at least UGX 10m effective the coming financial year of 2022/23 so that they can cope up with the sky rocketing inflation. According to one of our trusted sources who attended the meeting, Among suggested that the inflation is equally affecting the MPs and therefore the best solution is to increase the salary of all MPs by at least UGX 10m. “We understand most of you are facing challenges in your constituencies. You have a lot of issues to handle. Your voters are all pressuring you for relief. The current money you earn cannot help. Some of you even took bank loans,” Among reportedly said. “I will write to the president to notify him of all your disgruntlements. We need you to come to the house when you don’t have any stress. I will propose to him your urgent need for salary enhancement,” she added.

One thought on “Leadership of Parliament plots to increase Salary for each Member of Parliament in the next FY2022/2023

  • May 18, 2022 at 5:32 pm

    The members of parliament instead of improvising means of reducing commodity prices to favor the low income earners who earn less than 5000 a day which can’t buy even a bar of soap are wanting to rise their salaries which shows how selfish and unconsidetate they are.God should intervine really MPs are too greedy they are not representing their electrolates


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