SmartCity at Glance – KCCA to tarmac over 29 city roads

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Government authority in Kampala have finalised plans to tarmac 29 key roads, measuring 70km as part of the structure transport systems in the capital under the new “Smart City” arrangement. 

KCCA plans to improve roads in the five divisons of Kampala in order to reduce traffic jam.

The goal, according to Enaka, is to create an appreciation of the nectivity between the core parts of a Smart City: Technology, Infrastructure and People.

KCCA is a member of ASTON (African Smart Towns Network) a network of African cities that want to use digital tools to address local and global challenges.

The planned infrastructure projects grouped into five lots and confirmed by the Kampala Capital City Authori ty (KCCA) executive director, Ms Dorothy Kisaka, seek to reduce the burden of traffic jam

Ms Dorothy Kisaka

Ms Kisaka said the projects will be shared by all the five divisions of Kampala, adding that the procurement process is at 75 percent.

“We don’t want any division to lag behind. We are going with the political leadership in the city to ensure that the projects are implemented without any challenges,” she said.

Lubaga Kigala Lubaga Kayemba road percent of the entire network. “We are removing illegal structures and decongesting the city while creating alternative spaces for trade,” Ms Kisaka said.

“we need to keep giving it a facelift so that it remains a smart city” Ms Kabanda.

She added: “We have already procured what we need and soon, the re-furbishment of about 70 kilometres of  city roads will kick off. Smart City is not about smart talks, it is about smart actions.”

Ms Kisaka confirmed that KCCA se-cured a loan of $288 million (Shs1.1 trillion) from the African Development Bank (ADB) to undertake the above project.

She also said they would soon bring buses to operate within Kampala Metropolitan area and introduce railway transport to decongest the city.

“We are calling upon citizens to take responsibility for their infrastructure in lighting up their buildings, painting and overall city beatification as guided by our outdoor policy,” she added.

This budget is, however, inclusive of the roadwork consultants and the delivery.

The source understands that the planned roadworks involve upgrading, reconstructing and construction of mads, drainage channels and widening of selected roads in the divisions of Nakawa, Lubaga, Makindye and Kawempe.

She also said KCCA also envisages refurbishing 270 kilometres of city roads The Minister for Kampala, Hon.Ms Hajjat Kabanda, said roadworks are part of the efforts intended to beautify the city as well as reduce the burden of traffic.

It is a phrase that articulates the needs division and expectations of our city residents. The phrase embraces the KCCA vision to be a vibrant, attractive and sustainable city and our mission of delivering road quality services to the people of Kampala.

She said “Our technical people have judiciously analysed the infrastructure needs in the city and we are confident the projects are going to address some and Central of the transport challenges we have in the city We have 2,100 kilometres that make up the Kampala roads that are tarmacked but the tarmac is only 35”

Ms Kisaka told the source  that under the smart city arrangement, the jam will be removed. 

This is the capital city of Uganda and it has existed for more than 50 years, so a smart city is an operations strategy to include every stakeholder.

Some of the targeted roads include; Wamala road Lubaga, Suuna1& Ssuuna2 Lubaga, Luwafu road Makindye, Kabega Makindye, Kasubi northern bypass, Queens way Central, Port bell and Spring road, Portbell road, Old Mubende Salama Munyonyo Makindye, Mugema road, Lubaga Masiiro road, Lubaga Ssentema road, Lubaga Nsambya Halton Makindye.

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