Y.K Museveni MUST be on the Ballot come 2026, Ugandans should not be misled by schemers like David Kabanda and his group

AKAMPA Tanbull
The NRM Peasant

It is important to understand that President Museveni can not comment on the 2025/2026 campaigns, whether he is standing again or not, reason being simple, he has just formed a new Government that is busy implementing the National Resistance Movement(NRM) manifesto that focuses more on improving service delivery and social economic well being of Ugandans.
He is the head of the Executive and thus the main leader and supervisor of Government programmes of securing the Future of Ugandans especially the Bazzukulu (Youth).
He has categorically stated it, that it’s not yet time to speak about next elections but time to work as the head of Government, however this does not stop any other person or supporter to mobilize for his 2026 come back.

Even if I was President Museveni, I would not say it out personally that am standing for the position of President, because my enemies might strategize better!

There is no need for him to personally talk but pass the information out through Messengers like Vice President Jescah Alupo, Chief Muzuukulu and head of Office of National Chairman(ONC)- Hajjati Uzeiye Namyalo, Personal Assistant Hellen Seku, Mr Ibrahim Kitata, Hon Milly Babalanda and me the NRM Peasant- AKAMPA Tanbull among others.

Therefore no body should lie to Ugandans that Mr Museveni will bring his son, the so called stand by Generator to stand in 2026, these are mere day dreamers, schemers and jokers.
President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni Tibuhaburwa will be on the Ballot Paper come 2026, Youth will support him massively because opposition will be much weaker than never before.

Besides he (Mr Museveni) is so far the only outstanding person who can manage Uganda’s oil business and the geopolitics of the day.

Ugandans should disregard news circulating on social media claiming that H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni Tibuhaburwa refused to express himself on the matter regarding his position in the upcoming 2026 elections despite being pushed on the matter while at the National Leadership in Kyankwanzi for the Central Region Head Teachers’ workshop when different voices tickled him to comment on the 2026 position.

Where Initially, Vice President Jessica Alupo had told the teachers that President Museveni would be “coming in 2026”, but the news dropped amidst cheers and ululation.

“In everything that is done in the NRM information sharing is number one. So I want to share with you the information that H.E Yoweri Museveni will again come to all of us in 2026,” Alupo said.

During the event, Ms Hellen Sseku the Private Secretary for Youth Affairs in the President’s Office echoed the message and also stressed that Museveni would be returning as a presidential candidate in 2026.

Speaking later, she asked teachers to consider voting for Museveni overwhelmingly in the next presidential elections and also asked them to stand and sing together the song: “Tova Ku main, Museveni 2026” which would mean that Museveni will be their candidate in the next election.

However, the president still refused to comment on the matter, simply looking on as they sang, he neither clapped nor waved back.

When he stood to speak, he did not comment about the matter either, instead preferring to lecture on a litany of things.

This is the second time the president is finding himself in such a situation. Last year, he was faced with the same when the doctors’ body led by Dr Samuel Odongo Oledo asked him to stand in the 2026 elections.

He said it was not time for politics but did not necessarily turn down their request.“`

President Museveni is busy working to delivery what NRM Government promised Ugandans in the manifesto 2021-2026.

For God & My Country Uganda.

AKAMPA Tanbull
The NRM Peasant-
0705 211273

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