President Museveni to interact with young entrepreneurs at the Youth Business Forum 2023, hosted by Uganda Parliamentary Forum on Youth Affairs (UPFYA).

In an exciting development, the Uganda Parliamentary Forum on Youth Affairs (UPFYA) and its esteemed partners are preparing to host the highly anticipated Annual Youth Business Forum. The primary objective of this event is to provide a unique platform for young individuals to engage in meaningful interactions with policy makers, government officials, and investors. It offers them an invaluable opportunity to deliberate on topics that directly impact the policy business environment and present their innovative ideas to potential investors. The forum has garnered immense attention and anticipation, particularly due to the distinguished presence of His Excellency Yoweri Kaguta Museveni Tibuhaburwa, the President of Uganda, who will grace the occasion as the Chief Guest. This prestigious endorsement by the President serves as a testament to the government’s unwavering support for the entrepreneurial endeavors of the youth.

At the forefront of the preparations for this significant event is the esteemed Honorable Anite, a dedicated advocate for youth empowerment. Her instrumental role in spearheading the organizational efforts ensures that the voices and concerns of the youth remain at the center of attention. The event flyer proudly showcases a list of partners, including the Uganda Investment Authority (UIA), among others, who have extended their support to make the Annual Youth Business Forum a resounding success. These partnerships reflect the shared commitment towards nurturing and empowering the young entrepreneurs of Uganda. Leading the charge as the Chairperson of UPFYA is the honorable Honorable Nyamutooro Phionah. Alongside the entire Members of Parliament who subscribe to UPFYA, she exemplifies the collective dedication to fostering an enabling environment for the youth to thrive and succeed. As the event draws nearer, the excitement continues to build, and meticulous preparations are underway. The chosen venue is being meticulously arranged to accommodate the expected influx of attendees, ensuring a conducive and inspiring atmosphere for meaningful interactions and fruitful discussions.

The Annual Youth Business Forum promises to be a transformative experience for all participants. Panel discussions, workshops, and presentations are thoughtfully curated to facilitate engaging conversations and exchange of knowledge. Esteemed experts from various fields will share valuable insights, while young entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to showcase their innovative ideas and projects. Moreover, the forum presents an unparalleled networking platform, connecting aspiring entrepreneurs with potential investors who can provide the necessary resources and support. Honorable Anite’s pivotal role during the forum cannot be overstated. Her tireless efforts ensure that the concerns and aspirations of the youth are effectively communicated to policy makers and government officials. By placing the youth at the forefront, she emphasizes the importance of their active participation in shaping policies that promote a favorable business environment.

The highlight of the Annual Youth Business Forum will undoubtedly be the presence of His Excellency President Museveni as the Chief Guest. His esteemed presence not only lends prestige to the event but also reinforces the government’s commitment to empowering the youth. In his keynote address, the President is expected to emphasize the significance of youth-led initiatives and offer reassurances of continued support from the administration. As the curtains close on the Annual Youth Business Forum, participants will depart with a renewed sense of motivation and purpose. The connections forged during the event will extend beyond its duration, paving the way for future collaborations, mentorship opportunities, and potential investments. The forum’s impact will be long-lasting, as UPFYA and its partners will continue their tireless efforts to empower youth entrepreneurs and advocate for policies that create a conducive business ecosystem. Under the dynamic leadership of Honorable Nyamutooro Phionah, the Uganda Parliamentary Forum on Youth Affairs will remain a steadfast champion for the aspirations and dreams of young entrepreneurs. By ensuring their voices are heard and their ambitions nurtured, UPFYA will contribute to a prosperous and inclusive future where the youth of Uganda can thrive and make significant contributions to the nation’s progress.

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